3D c++ rpg game attempt #32 items, inventory and equpment

Now you can pickup various stuff from the ground and monsters to equip, just like in every other rpg game.
At present only boots and swords is implemented, but much more is planned.
More info is here https://s5zone.itch.io/kifa-rpg

3D c++ rpg game attempt #28 new knight class + updated fog,more trees and stamina potion

new knight class has been integrated, many texture problems still needs to be fixed
added lerp to skybox which created a nice faraway fog effect
amount of trees in test location has been increased
since running and attacking now consume stamina I’ve added a stamina potion
you can read more and contribute here https://s5zone.itch.io/kifa-rpg
p.s. dudes will also appear in this creation later on 😀