Drive Megapolis – Controls & Troubleshoot & Perfomance


  • You can steer with mouse by pressing M and then right mouse button
  • You can change the camera position with WSAD(in new version you must hold caps lock to do so)
  • You can change the view by pressing C or focus on the car with left mouse button
  • You can randomly reposition car by pressing 6(for city)
  • (f0r debug/editor mode only)You can the fly your car if you stuck with YGHUJ
  • You can hide instructor by pressing CAPS lock or hide gears with rightAlt
  • You can look around the car with numpad 456 and with hitting left mouse button
  • You can turn the car off with N
  • Engine is P
  • Clutch is Numpad0
  • Blinkers is ][
  • Wipers is TAB
  • Bus door will open with 4 and driver door will open with 6(not all cars have it working)
  • Interior lighting can be switched with X
  • Locking camera to steering can be changed with Z
  • Shifting gears is shift and ctrl or 1230R
  • Soon there will be tool here to change all that
  • Numpad8 will enable fog
  • Numpad9 will enable rain
  • (For special situations only) Numpad7/*-+PGUPPGDN will break something in your car(it’s intentional for testing what people do in dangerous situations)[Broken wheel, broken breaks, overheating engine, sudden traffic stop
  • You can refuel at petrol station by coming closer to it and turning your engine off by pressing N
  • Your fuel is FINITE, so don’t forget to refuel every-now and then, accumulator death, opening the hood – limiting frontal visibility, removing the friction front frontal or rear wheels(causing instant sliding on turn)


  • please use short path with no spaces like c:\mgpls or c:\games\mgpls otherwise game might not work
  • if you get an error “iListenerSys[S]->Unable To Init Audio!” – you need to set quality of your primary playback device from studio quality to dvd quality.(right click on sound->playback devices->look here for default device->double click on it->advanced->default format->make sure it’s 16bit 44100hz(CD) or 16bit(48000) DVD
  • if upon loading resources game crashes try to install/re-install directx redistributable from june 2010
  • if you get slowdowns, disable or reduce the quality of grass, depending on the resolution the grass is gpu intensitive, it will be fixed in the next grass update deploy
  • If you get paypal errors on payment or want to contribute you can try paying me on patreon

Performance improvements:

  • Try to disable grass – that should improve GPU usage
  • Try to disable UseCarPhysicsForAI – that will reduce CPU usage
  • Try to lower amount of cars and people on the streets
  • Try to lower resolution