How to add another car to the game

  • First you will need to go to mgpls\Cars folder and create you own folder with you new car in it, for example call it Audi
  •  You will need to copy car.kif.txt(car parameters file) colors.ini(random car colors file), engine.lua – mathematics engine model, mirrors.kif.ini – (Car.Ex.Params extended car settings) and root.cfg(main mesh settings)+copy snd folder for sounds
  • You main car(chasis without the wheels) must be placed in ext.XDIR folder inside the car folder, in that folder main.dae or main.collada or main.fbx – place there file from 3d editor
  • The wheels 3d model must be placed separately in wheel1.XDIR,wheel2.XDIR … folders inside of it there must exist main.dae or main.collada or main.fbx – place there wheel file from 3d editor
  • If you have separate interior model of the car place it into int.XDIR folder similarly to ext.XDIR
  • Next open root.cfg with Notepad2, set there interior=INT exterior=EXT
  • in root.cfg set the wheels below the !wheels_meshes to you wheels list, you can view examples from other car folder how to do it
  • in root.cfg chasis_sub is the name of the mesh inside the exterior car model that is gonna be used for convex computation(if you don’t know that that is just use the longest part of the car)
  • If you don’t have separate car animation for wipers, just delete hood_anim and similar names from root.cfg
  • in root.cfg under !temp_glass you can write your mesh names that you want to be used with a glass material
  • in root.cfg if you have exterior meshes that you want to use as stop lights, turning lights, e.t.c. you should place them under !exterior_signs
  • next part is the menu, navigate to folder mgpls\Data\Menu
  • open there cars.txt file
  • add in that file you car folder:car name for example Audi:Audi – my new mod
  • you will also need to place Audi.jpg in that folder for car screenshot in the menu
  • also add the car folder name to mgpls\Cars\cars.ini and if you don’t want traffic to use your car add your car folder name to mgpls\Cars\ai_ignore.ini file before the -1?
  • After all that is done you can go here to calibrate wheel positions for your new car