3D c++ rpg game attempt #28 new knight class + updated fog,more trees and stamina potion

new knight class has been integrated, many texture problems still needs to be fixed
added lerp to skybox which created a nice faraway fog effect
amount of trees in test location has been increased
since running and attacking now consume stamina I’ve added a stamina potion
you can read more and contribute here https://s5zone.itch.io/kifa-rpg
p.s. dudes will also appear in this creation later on 😀

How to set up logitech in Drive Megapolis

  • In menu you have to go to JoyConfig
  • Make sure that JoyEnabled is checked
  • Press fully then release Drive, Clutch, Breaks on logitech, note what sliders moved for what pedal, select them pedal inputs(G25/G27) – AC-JoyY,BR-JoyRotZ,CL-RGL1,ST-JoyX)(G29- AC-JoyZ,BR-JoyY,CL-JoyRotZ,ST-JoyX)
  • Next you will need to configure buttons on joystick, press the button you want to configure and press corresponding button on joystick
  • For first gear and reverse gear you will need to set gear on logitech to 1 gear and only then press the button
  • By default it’s calibrated for g29
  • Once i get my hands on G25,27 i will upload sets for them