3D Sim Drive Megapolis

Hello everybody i present you my little Car Simulation Software – Drive Megalopolis 3D. It was written almost entirely by myself with help from designers/modelers.
This software is a sandbox dedicated to assist you with driving, to tell you what you are doing wrong, e.t.c. You can drive front, rear and 4×4 cars, buses, and few trucks. You can pick up passengers like you did in many bus simulators. There are trams, trolleybuses in city as well. There are also train and railroad intersection in country region. This software is intended for Russian/European driving system. There are various parking, standing on a hill exercises, 2 big cities with country regions to explore, mountain map with a lake. Driving conditions: snow, rain, clear, foggy
Day conditions: morning, day, evening, night, dark night(when you can only see stuff your headlight fell upon)
There are moose in the map that will run and murder your car if you won’t disable headlights when you first see it.
  • There are full manual transmission simulations, stalls, drifting and some very interesting physics features you won’t find in any other simulators.
  • You can also change you weather to snow or rain/fog to adjust sliding of your car on slippery road.
  • You can drive at night with dangerous conditions.
  • You can drown in the lake 🙂
  • You can run over people with your car or bus and hear funny screams, also if you closed your bus doors too early you will hear screams of someone getting squished by doors.
  • There are 2 big cities available with various semaphores and highway intersections.
    I’m still working on this project little by little so many things will get fixed, some new things will be introduced.
  • If you want to edit the city or add new cars pm me and i will tell you how to do so.
    Most of cars in here are community driven or bought from turbosquid. You pay only for sandbox, the cities, cars and many other delicious things come for free.
    If you have logitech G25 or G27 pm me i can help you enable it in game.[In few updates that feature will be moved to menu].
  • At present there are 12 main cars with interiors[where everything works and turns], and much more additional without interior.
  • There are 3 camera modes – inside the car(you can look around in the car, or move to back and let ai drive you), following the car, and free mode where you fly camera around the map. There is also an ability to focus on the car that will help add some cinematic moments.
  • Network support and Oculus Rift DK2/Deepoon VR are planned.
  • There are deers on the road.
  • You can smash stuff with your car. Originally this sandbox was intended to help people with their driving not gaming, but I’m slowly turning into a game.
The game features real car physics with transmission and clutch simulation, you can drift as well, each car has unique feel to it.
Some promotional video are in Russian.
Game has both English and Russian version.
If you want to add cars to it, or create a custom map or translate dialogs to your language pm me, i will help you with that.
The game uses newton physics for car simulation, and soon will be updated to much better vehicle model.
youtube videos:
system requirements: GPU that supports dx11(gt 730 or better, 760(optimial)), cpu similar to core i3, 10gb free space windows 7,8,8.1 or 10
The game is DRM free and doesn’t require internet connection, once you download it you can play it however you want.
You can buy it/download demo from here http://s5zone.itch.io/3d-city-drive-simualtor-drive-megapolis it’s 2.5$ or here